Has your flooring seen better days? Are you noticing snags, rips, and tears on your carpet?

Your first reaction may be to replace the carpet entirely. But before you jump the gun, remember that carpet repair specialists can easily fix rips and tears for a small fraction of the cost.

What Cause Carpet Tears And Rips?

Carpets are fairly durable, but are subject to heavy wear and tear that can break them down over time.

The most common cause of damaged carpet is pets. They often claw carpet repeatedly in the same spot, causing unsightly snags and rips over time.

Carpet tearing may also a result of poor installation, especially on edges and at doorways.

Whether during the installation process or throughout regular life, heavy objects may also be dragged across the floor, causing ripping or snagging.

The Danger Of Damaged Carpet

Ripped or torn carpet can be a significant hazard in the home.

Unless paying careful attention, it’s all too common for people to get caught in these areas where carpet is detached from the padding beneath. Feet can get stuck under a lifted area of carpet, causing trips, slips, and falls.

Professional Carpet Tear And Rip Repair

The good news is, these damaged areas can be repaired quickly and affordably by a local carpet repair specialist like Emerald City Carpet Repair. We can stretch, patch, repair, and reattach carpet throughout your Seattle home at a price point that fits comfortably within your budget.

Say goodbye to torn or ripped carpet with Emerald City Carpet Repair! We offer an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty for carpet repair in your Snohomish or King County home.