Burnt or melted carpet can be a real eyesore. Yes, burn damage is permanent, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t solutions. So before you panic, let’s chat about carpet burn repair.

What Causes Carpet Burns?

In all reality, burn marks are common. Candles are easily knocked onto the floor, irons fall off ironing boards, hair styling tools might be placed directly on carpet, floating embers from a fireplace can land on your carpet, or cigarettes can cause burn damage.

In fact, it’s more likely that you’ll experience some type of carpet burn damage over your lifetime than not.

Burnt Carpet Most Likely Doesn’t Need Replacing

Our gut reaction with this type of damage is stress and anxiety about how to fix it. But rest assured—you shouldn’t have to get rid of or replace the entire room of carpet, and you don’t have to bust your budget to have it repaired.

So before you assume the worst and your head starts spinning with dollar signs, remember that carpet burn repair is viable, effective solution.

How Does Carpet Burn Repair Work?

When it comes to burnt carpet repair, there are many ways to go wrong throughout the process if you attempt doing it yourself. That’s why it’s best to leave carpet burns to the professionals.

For the pro’s who have the right tools and experience, carpet burn repair is no big deal. We’ll start by cutting and removing the damaged section. Next we’ll use the right kind and proper amount of adhesive to attach a plug piece in its place.

Note: There’s likely extra carpet that matches yours somewhere in your house, especially if you live in a newer home. If not, carpet burn repair specialists can find a close to perfect match. You’ll never be able to tell the difference between the original carpet and the replacement piece.

Professionals who specialize in carpet burn repair also have the right commercial tools to blend the piece in with the rest of the flooring and prevent bunching or ripplying.

When we’re done repairing the burns in your carpet, you won’t be able to tell that there was ever any damage.

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