The carpet in your home is a significant investment. You spend a lot of time selecting the perfect carpet and taking good care of it regularly. That’s why there are few things more frustrating than when your carpet gets damaged.

Maybe your basement flooded or embers from your fireplace burned a hole in your carpet. One section or spot of your carpet may be damaged and can ruin the rest of your room. You don’t want to replace all of your flooring for the sake of fixing one small spot. So is carpet repair a realistic option?

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The answer is yes! That’s where professional carpet repair specialists come in. We have the know-how and tools required to fix many common damages at an affordable price—protecting your investment and rescuing you from a carpet crisis. 

Common Carpet Damage That Professionals Can Fix

Your local carpet repair team can properly assess the damage to your flooring and provide the most effective, least invasive solutions to fix them. Here are just a few common carpet damages that professionals can repair quickly and easily.

Burn Marks

This is one of the most common damages to carpet in the home. Burn marks can happen easily—most often from fireplaces, candles, irons, cigarettes, or hair styling tools. But if the carpet fibers have been melted down in one area due to a burn, that doesn’t mean you have to replace all of your carpet.

Professional carpet repair service providers can cut out individual burn sections and replace the carpet with plug pieces. And don’t worry, they’ll blend the new carpet in so well you won’t be able to see where the damage once was. This same method can be used for carpet repair in sections of damage other than burn marks as well.

Water Damage

The key with water damage is to let the area dry out as quickly as possible. Carpet repair professionals can fold back your carpet, fan the area, then cut away, remove, and replace any damaged carpet padding. Once your carpet is laid back down and secured properly, your carpet will be professionally cleaned to remove any bacteria, mold, or mildew left behind.

Pet Damage

We love our pets, but we don’t like the harm they can do to our floors. Whether carpet has been damaged by clawing, chewing, scratching, stains, or smells, professionals have seen it all and can easily repair and replace any damaged areas.


It’s normal for carpet to become loose or detached from the tacking over time. If you have unwanted bubbles or wrinkles in your carpet, don’t worry—it’s a quick fix. Carpet repair companies can easily stretch, smooth, and reattach carpet—leaving you with floors that look as good as new.

Carpet Repair Specialist In Seattle, Washington

If your carpet is suffering from any of these common damages, don’t stress. Emerald City Carpet Repair has you covered in the Seattle area.

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