carpet repair

Our carpets can take a beating sometimes, and that is part of the reason we have them in our homes! So hard is it to fix the wear and tear? In reality, it can be done quite fast and come out looking brand new!

Wear & Tear

Over time, holes, stains, bulging, bubbles, rips, tears, and ripples can appear. Depending on the quality of your carpet, it can be very noticeable. There are specially designed tools used when working with these types of damages. 

Carpet knives, tape, and seem cutters are all used in conjunction to ensure straight edges are cut so that the damage is measured perfectly. If done right it will restore the toughness, firmness, and aesthetics to your carpet.

Carpet Stretching

carpet repairAnother common damage that may arise from time, moving of heavy furniture, and poor installation. 

But don’t worry, If you have unwanted bubbles or wrinkles in your carpet—it’s a quick fix. With experience, carpets can be stretched out to the perfect fit. 

Water Damage

The key with water damage is to let the area dry out as quickly as possible. Carpet repair professionals can fold back your carpet, fan the area, then cut away, remove, and replace any damaged carpet padding. 

Once your carpet is laid back down and secured properly, your carpet will be professionally cleaned to remove any bacteria, mold, or mildew left behind.

Burn Marks 

Things can happen, candles can fall, iron, burning. Just because the burn marks or melted carpet fibers are damaged doesn’t mean you have to replace all of the carpets in the area. Similar to other damages, often a patch can get the carpet looking like nothing ever happened.

Carpet Pet Damage Repair 

This one can be trickier due to what type of damage it is. We’ve seen almost anything you can think of and have experience with it, making the job easier.  Whatever your circumstances – carpet that has been clawed near doorways, carpet that has been chewed on, or carpet with extensive pet stains and smells we can handle it. 

The friendly team at Emerald City Carpet Repair will let you know your options and provide a fair price to repair your carpet that has been damaged by your pets.