White cleaned couch with throw pillow

If you’ve just recently installed carpet, had it professionally cleaned, or are just looking to take care of what you already have, these 4 tips can help you protect and avoid damage caused to your carpets.


Heavy Items

Avoiding Carpet DamageHeavy furniture and items can cause different types of damage to carpets or rugs. First, you may have noticed when you have those large items and move them, there are indents into the carpet. They aren’t a big deal until you are moving your furniture around, then they are very obvious. There are small ways you can help fluff those fibers but sometimes it can cause permanent damage. Using coasters designed for those big items can go a long way to reduce that specific type of damage.

Another way heavy items can destroy a carpet is when they are moved around. If they are drug across the carpet it can cause the carpet to wrinkle, bubble, or ripple. Think about how you are going to move the furniture before you do, there are options available to make it a lot easier!

Clean Regularly

Making sure to clean carpets regularly is another step you can take to keep your carpets damage free. Vacuuming can help keep the air in your house clean as well. Carpets are natural filters for our home, once you vacuum you’ll see all the hidden dust trapped. There are professional carpet stain protectants available to avoid stains.


To help reduce the daily wear and tear, area rugs are a great method to place on top of your carpets. High traffic areas in the house can collect dirt, grime, and naturally cause fibers to come loose or wear down. Pick out a rug that works for you in your home!


If you live in a humid climate, you may experience more carpet buckling—especially during the summer months. When the moisture in the air gets into your floors, it makes your carpet expand and then wrinkle. It is possible for the carpets to dry out and flatten on its own, but more often than not, the damage left behind is permanent. Running your air conditioning during the summer months and trying not to leave windows or doors open can help.

Water can also get into your carpet through flooding, or if you’ve had your carpets cleaned and it wasn’t properly extracted. Having your carpets professionally cleaned rather than renting a machine and doing it yourself is typically a better option if you want to avoid your carpets expanding and wrinkling. If you do experience flooding, immediately pull the carpet back from the carpet pad to let it dry out.